Two sessions accepted for inclusion in this year’s AGU Fall Meeting

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I will be co-convening topical sessions on Ice-Ocean-Sediment Interactions and Seismicity of the Cryosphere.

My co-conveners for the Ice-Ocean-Sediment Interactions session (session OS010) are Katie Boldt (Univ. of Wash.), Carlos Moffat (Univ. of Concepcion, Chile), and Martin Truffer (Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks).  In this session, we’ll be exploring how glaciers, the ocean, and sediment on the seafloor and glacier bed interact to control glacier flow, iceberg calving and melt of the submarine portion of glacier termini.

For the Seismicity of the Cryosphere (C027), my co-convener is Brad Lipovsky (Stanford).  In this session, presentations will focus on how seismic waves (like those produced by earthquakes) can be studied to learn more about how the frozen earth works.  Topics will include iceberg calving, sea ice and river ice fracture and grinding, water motion through ice, and friction between glaciers and the ground they move over.

You can read the descriptions for these two sessions here.  The AGU Fall Meeting takes place each December in San Francisco.