This data archive accompanies Amaral et al., under review at JGR-ES

These data comprise observations and derived data products from 50 marine-terminating glaciers in Greenland that were used to evaluate the performance of six iceberg calving models. These data include publicly-available, spatially-referenced, near-coincident observations of ice elevation and ice surface velocity, observed and modeled bed elevation estimates, vectorized glacier terminus margins, estimated ice strain rates and calving rates, and associated observational error data sets. These data are in the form of 1-D vector profiles up the centers of 50 different outlet glaciers in Greenland, spanning spring, summer, and fall seasons from 2011 to 2017. We manipulated these data significantly from their original, publicly-available formats into data sets that are quicker to ingest and analyze. We expect that this data archive will be of interest for other researchers investigating iceberg calving and the dynamics of marine-terminating glaciers.

Derived data from various data sets are here:

Metadata describing these derived data are here as a pdf:
and here as xml: