An unprecedentedly complete compilation of observations from Svalbard, Alaska, Greenland, and Antarctica reveal that calving event volumes and inter-event times follow power-law distributions.  Further analytical and numerical analyses reveal that iceberg calving is a self-organized critical process, indicating that calving rates can vary over orders of magnitude in response to only small variations in environmental forcings, such as sea level or air temperature.

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  • Citation: A. Åström, D. Vallot, M. Schäfer, E. Z. Welty, S. O’Neel, T. C. Bartholomaus, Y. Liu, T.I. Riikilä, J. Timonen, T. Zwinger, and J.C. Moore (2014), Termini of calving glaciers as self-organised critical systems, Nature Geoscience, 7, 874-878, doi:10.1038/ngeo2290.
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